About Me

I’m working in the field of industrial automation, specialized on the communication technology OPC UA. The focus is performance, security and cross-platform development. I’m working with many different programming languages, but when it comes to embedded devices, portability and performance there is nothing better than plain old C.

I’ve studied electronic engineering, but then educated myself in computer science. I was actually programming computer games as a teenager, starting with Basic, Turbo Pascal, ASM, and later on C, C++, JAVA. Unlike the typical student I came from practice and then learned the computer science theory, instead of the other way round. The mathematical background of electronic engineering was of great help, but I would call myself an autodidact.

I learned a lot from Open Source and today I would call myself and Open Source enthusiast.

I find it great that I can change the code of Open Source projects as I need it. Open Source is of such a great help in my daily live that it is also important to give something back. Here is a list of my small contributions to Open Source projects.

  • GnuCash: IBAN support to ktoblzcheck
  • Qt: My first Qt contribution
  • KDE: UnitConverted plasmoid, wetter.com support for the weather engine
  • Wireshark: OPC UA dissector plugin

There is more on my own Github site.